Kingdomz X Arts & Entertainment is seeking guest bloggers, who may be trying to establish themselves. The idea of our magazine, is to promote novice artists and entertainers with those established, while ensuring the former are equally featured.

Contributors may submit articles about musicians, artists, filmmakers, fashion and interior designers, or luxury lifestyles. You may write about whom you like, and are somewhat familiar with, or you may request an assignment.

Decadence, hedonism, and opulence are not typically the terms you would expect to be associate with the arts, but we're not just any magazine. It’s the kind of atmosphere we want to create for our readers, something immersive and pleasurable. Kindly consider this, when choosing your topic.

The Requirements:

1. You must provide us with a clear profile photograph.

2. Submit to us a short bio; where you’re from, what you do, etc. We encourage you to include links to your site or blog as well.

3. We need your full name, no ghostwriters, no aliases.

4. Nudity, and erotic images are permitted, pornography is not.

5. Photo images should accompany your blog.

6. Any plagiarized content (and we will check) will be summarily rejected, and we will not consider you in future.

Ready to give it a go? Fill out the form below, and let’s get this thing started.

Thank you in advance, for your interest in becoming a Kingdomz X contributor.




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