Lay Bare My Soul

Steve Lease is not just a photographer, he is a diviner of souls. In other words, an artist. Through his unique filters, you can see past skin, and into the hearts of his subjects. He chooses his models wisely, selecting only those he deems have a story to tell. His photos are as intriguing, as they are mesmerizing. Nothing escapes his percipient lens. Here we showcase some of his best work, but rest assured, there's far more to be seen.

Fine more at his Tumblr, purchase prints at his DeviantArts page.



Patrick Chappelle is the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief at Kingdomz X Arts & Entertainment. A computer geek from day one, Patrick was on the forefront of social communities and has served as a Technical Adivsor for NING, Social Media Manager for SiteSuites, and Community Manager for Gen Y Hub. When he's not scouting local talent, he's either at the health club, or enjoying the sights, sounds, and culture of the city. Patrick lives in Jackson Heights, NY with his girlfriend, teenage son, and two cats, Oreo and Peanut.