Erotique Luxe

Living a luxurious lifestyle whilst being inspired by the work of Helmut Newton and wanting to add a fashion element into the mix made it the obvious choice to integrate the luxury element into my work.

Vincent, Roxxy, N Gary

I think with independent films you have to love them to make them. It's not worth it to fake it. It takes too much of your life. You have to love it. I love genre, but I always feel the best genre films are character based.

The Hopeless Fountain of Youth

There is an earnestness in her vocals that is still present on hopeless fountain kingdom, that makes it impossible for me to imagine her sitting down and taking her time to concoct her lyrics, as her songs possess a spontaneous, ingenuous quality that's difficult to feign.

The Order of Things

I think people like labels to hang their music on, and unfortunately as a band it helps if you can be associated with a particular label or two – I’m not a fan; we just make music – good music I hope.

Just Bob

When I do attend one where I have my art exhibited, I usually can be seen enjoying the wine and wandering around eavesdropping on viewers, listening to their comments about my art.