November 2017

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Anna Serova at Avant Gallery

Anna Serova at Avant Gallery

Only Eating Apples

She has the most interesting and enviable Instagram handle, a job that requires her to travel the world, and she gets to hang around some of the most magnificent artists and artwork on an almost daily basis. The delightful Anna Serova is a brilliant, and talented art consultant for Miami’s Avant Gallery. Continued...

Taking the Hyland

More than a titan of the textile industry, he is a man who has traveled the world, breaking bread with president and prince, pauper and paladin, and once dared to traverse the mountainous Himalaya. One may find Mr. Hyland (a seasoned mariner) yachting through the Greek isles, or hitting the slopes in Austria. Continued...

Olivia, Actually

She probably hasn’t been Martin Olson’s daughter in a long time, having proven herself time and again to be a young woman who can stand on her own merits. Intelligent, savvy, and determined, Olivia Olson is a talented powerhouse, with a magnificence equal to that of a certain character she plays on television. Continued...