This is the place where dreams are exhibited and explored. Often a highly individualistic and personal vision formed within and shaped by its unique vessel - the artist - the manifestation of art itself is essentially a tangible snapshot of our collective subconscious. You will find here an eclectic array of art as a sort of tapestry, whether in the guise of: fine art, craft of artisans, performance phenomena, or pop culture diversions.

We are creators, and our creativity manifests in the foods we prepare, the furniture upon which we lounge, the spirits we consume, the timepieces with which we mark the hours. From the profane to the virtuous, there is art within human expression.


Miller as The Flash

Miller as The Flash

The (In)Justice

Justice League, Zack Snyder’s 2017 adaptation of the widely-known comic book superhero team, and the fifth film in the contentious “DC Extended Universe”, is that daunting midterm essay from college you want to wash your hands of the second it’s complete. Continued...

Fraktion of the Whole

I hesitate to call myself a photographer specifically.  I've been working in the creative field as graphic designer and then as a freelance editorial/advertising illustrator for nearly fifteen years.  Eventually I started to dabble with photography as a new means to make ideas into images. Continued...

Dark Rainbow Sparkles.jpg

4 Dimensional time gates of consciousness

4 Dimensional time gates of consciousness

The Beautiful Horror of Existence

The true nature of much of what we take for granted as normal or positive is a horror show that’s slowly eating us alive. Art is a way for me to try and at least nudge things in a better direction, but you can’t do that without alluding to the presence of the horrific. Continued...