Helium by Susannah Martin

Helium by Susannah Martin

Bare it

Susannah Martin paints beautiful, naked people. They aren’t beautiful because of any “superior” physical attributes, their beauty is in their freedom, and the joy of it. If ever there was an occasion to use the term “frolic”, it is in Susannah’s paintings. There is a genuine innocence in her brush, that comes through in the canvas. This is humanity without the accoutrements and concerns of modern society. Call it heaven or paradise, or whatever you will. It is most certainly calling you. Continued...

To-Tam (l), To-Nya (r)

Knitting Image

There is a bond between them that is unequivocal. Here are two sisters who decided they were going to be successful together, who worked hard at it, and brought all of their dreams to fruition. It's a beautiful, powerful thing to behold. Continued...

Yaz (l), Naty Metal (r) 

Gorgeous Freaks

Naty and Yaz may be alt models, but they cross the line when and where most can not. They look just as stunning in dresses and lingerie, as they do in leather and latex. I hesitate to call their style “unique", that seems totally inadequate. I would rather call it "fluid", because that’s really what it is. Continued...