It has been my life-long conviction that art represents the imprint of the human soul upon the material world.

Often a highly individualistic and personal vision formed within and shaped by its unique vessel - the artist - the manifestation of art itself is essentially a tangible snapshot of our collective subconscious. It is this conviction that impelled me to create this magazine in order to showcase an eclectic array of art as a sort of tapestry, whether in the guise of: fine art, craft of artisans, performance phenomena, or pop culture diversions.

My selections gathered here will be those which I find exhibit particular resonance deserving of continued examination and discussion, since this is the means by which we preserve and transmit our cultural identity.

Great art doesn't stand the test of time simply by virtue of its obvious quality, it does so because art moves us enough to keep it alive in our admiration and conversation. Thus it is we, ourselves who transport art through time.

The objective of Kingdomz X Arts & Entertainment is to ignite passion and to stimulate that positive, mind-blowing feeling that fuels each one of us. Many of us are often told that luxury is the obverse of necessity. For all that, the arts surely falls into the former category; it provides neither sustenance, clothing, or shelter. However, without luxuries, we would be nothing more than grazing automatons, and life would be pointless. We are creators, and our creativity manifests in the foods we prepare, the furniture upon which we lounge, the spirits we consume, the timepieces with which we mark the hours. From the profane to the virtuous, there is art within human expression. 

Hopefully, I’ve done the job right, and you find something here that will stimulate you in some form or fashion. If not, I’m always open to suggestions

Publisher, Editor in Chief, Patrick Chappelle

Cultural expressions are the soul of being human, and their diversity and vitality comprise the beauty of humanity.
— The Christensen Fund