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Art is the imprint of the human soul upon the material world.”

If you were to die today, what would make the world remember you for who you are? Will you be remembered for your accomplishments or will you be criticized with what you have done? We all are here for only a limited time and there is no doubt that time is running out. It’s either we make an amazing impression or stand forgotten amidst those that don’t deserve to be remembered.


True blue artists are not after fame and fortune but are into how they can impact their audience. It’s how people appreciate their work and the time and effort that they have poured into their work. It’s about how much their work has changed the image and perception of their audience. Only through these criteria will they recognize success. Nothing could be more valuable than appreciation. 


Every artist knows and when the moment of utter satisfaction happens. It differs from each one. It could be after their work has been posted and published in a leading magazine or it could happen right after applying some finishing touches. And the sheer beauty of culmination is that it happens almost instantaneously and it may lead to more artistic endeavors and certainly a renewed hunger to do more and to become more. 


Artists’ gather inspiration and passion from their core. A painter had to travel for miles just to get to that solitary spot on top of a lighthouse to be able to paint the city while a journalist had to go to Syria to witness firsthand what it was like to become a refugee and write about it. A real artist takes passion and creates art that belongs to an entirely new level. They lose themselves to find themselves again, in whatever they need to do.


Inspiration comes in different forms. It can strike anywhere and could be anything, anyone and from anytime. Renowned artists stop creating art, stop painting, stop sketching, simply because they’ve lost inspiration or are trying to find their inspiration but failed. However, when it strikes, it hits you fast; you are helpless from its power and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s pure positive energy and it’s amazing to feel inspiration and to finally start moving because of your personal inspiration.

The novice and professional artist 

Kingdomz X is an online medium that places professional and novice artist’s equal opportunities to feature their art. This is an online gallery that not only features accomplished artists but also provides new and thriving artists to find their place online. We are all equal in terms of how we desire to leave something tangible, something worthwhile. We all want to be remembered, appreciated and of course feel the culmination of our work. 

Kingdomz X mission is to ignite passion and to stimulate that positive, mind-blowing feeling that fuels each one of us to succeed. It’s here and it’s time; it’s the right time to leave that lasting imprint. 

Painting by Patrick Boussignac

Painting by Patrick Boussignac

Cultural expressions are the soul of being human, and their diversity and vitality comprise the beauty of humanity.
— The Christensen Fund